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綛顔就狗鐚CERO B(12罩割札筝絲乗院)~
絲上喝0阪鐚Dolby Digital 5.1ch,LinearPCM 5.1ch/7.1ch~
吾若腓乗G25 Racing Wheel絲上~
吾若腓乗GT Force速Pro(200綺≪若)絲上~
吾若腓乗GT Force速RX絲上~

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-- ゃ菴遵篆♂菴鐚井ャ緇鐚 --  &new{2008-09-17 (羂) 08:11:27};
--- ゃ篆♂紮紊篋ら蘂紊絎茖 --  &new{2008-09-19 () 07:39:10};
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